Business Age: What can you learn from a Champion Speaker to take your public speaking

We’ve all heard about the importance of eye contact, vocal variety and body language when speaking in public, but what other tips, tricks and tactics can you use to deliver a powerful, persuasive presentation? We asked Anthony Garvey, the 2023 Toastmasters International UK public speaking champion, to share with us five less well-known tips from his repertoire. 1. Practice your speech or presentation in the shower! My shower makes a tremendous noise but it’s the […]

Irish Times: Interviews in the future will be conducted online’: An expert’s tips on virtual public speaking

How a Dublin man living in Tralee topped the UK’s largest public speaking competition Anthony Garvey won the UK stage of the Toastmasters public speaking competition recently. Conor Capplis Wed May 24 2023 – 05:00 “When I was a teenager, I showed my first ever book to my girlfriend at the time,” Anthony Garvey says, settling into a story he’s told many times over. “After a week she came back to me and said, ‘Ah, […]

Presentation at the Toastmasters International District 71 Conference

Toastmasters International D71 Conference: 26 May, 2022 Delighted to deliver a workshop on the power of blogging and vlogging for the Toastmasters International UK & Ireland District 71 virtual conference. There were over 1000 Toastmasters at the conference and it ran like clockwork. Hope to see many of you in person at the 2023 conference in Galway. #toastmastersinternational

TEDx Tralee – How to Present Naked

The brilliantly organised TEDx Tralee was held in Siamsa Tire at the end of October. I was honoured to be one of the sixteen speakers. Here is my TEDx talk – hope you like it!  

Presenting Skills, Irish Times

Irish Times: 21 February, 2021 The room falls silent with expectation, the speaker gets to their feet.  Within 30 seconds the whole room knows whether they’re in safe hands or not. A well-polished presenter comes across as calm, confident.  They are in control of both themselves and their subject matter and people immediately relax. By contrast, a nervous or hesitant speaker, lacking the necessary presenting skills makes an audience feel uncomfortable. Their uncertainty is palpable […]

Public Speaking Myths, Business Kent

Business Kent Interview: 14 February, 2021 Have you asked colleagues and friends for advice on public speaking and presenting?  I have and some have been useful but much of advice has been not so great.  You may have had the same experience! In this article we’ll look at the ‘not so great advice’, debunking twelve public speaking myths and pointing out some pitfalls you can avoid when you have a speech or presentation to give. […]

Art of Public Speaking: Sunday Business Post

The Art of Public Speaking: Sunday Business Post, 22 November 2020 Anthony Garvey is combining face-to-face training and online courses to help companies and individuals master the art of public speaking.  He does this in scenarios ranging from job interviews and board presentations to sales pitches and wedding speeches. Garvey is a former head of public relations at the handheld computer company Psion plc.  He has been running his own marketing and public relations practice […]

How to Present Naked: Speakerhub

How to Present Naked: January 7, 2020 When I was 17 I worked for a week selling ice cream on a nudist beach in Andalucía in Spain.  On my final day I got talking to a woman from London. She was looking to hire a marketing executive.  As I stood on a steaming hot beach in my birthday suit, she interviewed me for my first job. I was completely exposed. But I learned something important that […]

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