How to Present Naked: Speakerhub

How to Present Naked: January 7, 2020 When I was 17 I worked for a week selling ice cream on a nudist beach in Andaluc√≠a in Spain.  On my final day I got talking to a woman from London. She was looking to hire a marketing executive.  As I stood on a steaming hot beach in my birthday suit, she interviewed me for my first job. I was completely exposed. But I learned something important that […]

Art of Public Speaking: Sunday Business Post

The Art of Public Speaking: Sunday Business Post, 22 November 2019 Anthony Garvey is combining face-to-face training and online courses to help companies and individuals master the art of public speaking.¬† He does this in scenarios ranging from job interviews and board presentations to sales pitches and wedding speeches. A former head of public relations at the handheld computer company Psion plc, Garvey has been running his own marketing and public relations practice in Tralee, […]