Commercial Negotiation

Commercial Negotiation Course

Boost your commercial negotiation skills, from preparation and opening, to positioning and closing. Discover the importance of research before a sales meeting. And get an edge, by building rapport with people you have never met.

Avoid common pitfalls and adopt strategies used by successful executives.  Additionally, learn how to adapt during a meeting to resolve difficulties and uncover different techniques to close the deal.

Discover how your management style influences your thinking pattern and find out if you have any ‘tells’ which betray your negotiation tactics.  Learn how sometimes it is better to walk away and instead, when you should stay firm, when a prospective client asks for more and more and more.

Companies I have delivered negotiation training to include:
Shannon GroupTyndall Institute

This course is often delivered in combination with our pitching to win business course.

We deliver our commercial negotiation courses in full-day or half-day format. We email all slides and notes to the participants following completion of the course. And we will consult you in advance to get your input on any requirements you have for the day.

Simply call Anthony on 087 79 79 2 79 to discuss suitable dates or fill in the contact form form on this website by clicking here.