Each corporate training course can be delivered in a full-day or half-day format. A full-day costs just €895, a half-day is €495. All slides and notes will be emailed to the participants following completion of the course. We will consult you before the programme commences to get your input on any specific requirements you have for the day.

Simply call Anthony on 087 79 79 2 79 to discuss suitable dates or outline your requirements on the contact form form on this website by clicking here.

Corporate Training Courses

Presentation training

Do you struggle to manage your nerves or get your point across effectively when you present in public?

Whether you’re preparing for a sales pitch, giving a presentation at work or delivering the latest financial results, this workshop will teach you how to build on your existing skills. It is an interactive session, with plenty of exercises to elevate your presentation abilities to the next level.

Executives who have completed this course have reported their confidence has improved when speaking in front of their peers and they are able to construct more compelling, engaging and effective presentations. After the course they will have the skills necessary to be able to:

  • Adapt presentations of any length to any audience size
  • Create stories that people remember
  • Connect with people intellectually and emotionally
  • Present with confidence and ease
  • Open and close a presentation powerfully

Companies I have delivered presentation training to include:
Kerry Group, NEWKD


Communication skills

This is one of our most popular courses because it takes the content from four courses we teach and packs them into a single day’s training. Each of the four sessions lasts 100 minutes, which makes it a popular choice for executives looking to complete the management element of their CPD training. The four courses we cover in the one day are:

  • Presentation training
  • Productivity and time management
  • Meeting mastery
  • High performance leadership

Companies I have delivered communication skills training to include:
Hunt Office, UCC

Productivity and time management

This course looks at modern methods of improving your workforce’s time management and productivity skills, examines best practice in some of the world’s leading organisations and explores some tried and tested methods that executives have used successfully. We will look at time robbers, such as email and discuss how to introduce a better system of email management which works for your company.
Learn what to do when you are juggling multiple tasks and the work keeps coming and coming and coming! We will explore how to manage stress and how to prioritise. And we will leave you with a personal plan of action which you can take back to the office and begin working on.
Attendees will learn time is a resource which needs to be managed to achieve personal and business objectives efficiently and effectively.

Companies I have delivered productivity and time management training to include:
Crawford Art Gallery, BioMarin

Meeting mastery

Meetings are the number one cause of time loss, stress and inefficiency in companies. In this course, we will teach you how to run meetings which will increase your value to your team and organisation enormously.

In my experience helping managers with all aspects of efficiency and effectiveness, I’ve seen 8 simple factors which unlock the door to running high payback meetings, three of which are more important than all the rest combined.

In this course I will outline the eight keys to meeting mastery in an engaging presentation which will save your executives time and your company money.

Companies I have delivered this training course to include:
Fexco, Tyndall Institute

Pitching to win business

This is one of our most popular courses and is frequently booked by LEOs and New Frontiers Programmes.

All attendees pitch their businesses, organisations or departments at the start of the day. As a group, we give positive feedback, with suggestions for improvements.

Following this there are sessions on ‘Building a winning structure for your presentation’, ‘Managing nerves and tackling stage fright’, ‘Clear and Effective Delivery and building rapport’ and ‘Creating and delivering memorable sales presentations’, mixed in with plenty of group exercises.

The final session of the day involves the attendees repitching their business, organisation or department, using the skills they have learned during the day in body language, voice projection, structure and nerve management. Again as a group, we will give positive and encouraging feedback.

Companies I have delivered pitching training to include:
IT Tralee, Cork City LEO

Interview skills training

Boost your confidence with professional advice on how to prepare your CV and learn the communication skills required to answer interview questions effectively. By attending this course, participants will stand a better chance of securing promotion and employment.

Topics covered on this course:

  • What to include in a CV
  • Writing cover letters & completing online application forms
  • Revamping and customising your CV
  • Developing a positive mental attitude
  • Preparation before an interview
  • Dressing for an interview and handling nerves
  • The importance of good body language
  • Highlighting your skills and experiences
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Frequently asked interview questions and effective answers
  • Asking ‘powerful’ questions that help sell you
  • Learning from the experience after the interview
  • Tips for successful networking
  • Handling second interviews

Each participant will be given a one-to-one interview with Anthony, who will provide individual advice on how to improve their CV, presentation tips and suggestions for how to answer tricky interview questions.

Companies I have delivered interview training to include:
Legal Aid Board, Kingdom Care


Good minute taking is all about technique and practice, knowing what to include and what to omit. In this course we’ll cover everything you need to improve your minute-taking skills, from listening for the key points, to filtering out the less important ones, from working closely with the meeting chairperson, to ensuring your grammar, punctuation and vocabulary are up to the required levels.

Learn what you can do in advance of the meeting and how a pre-prepared template can make a big difference to the minute taker’s role. Discover how to manage if the meeting is highly technical, or how to structure your notes if there is disagreement or conflict or if you are unsure what someone has said at a key point. Most importantly you’ll learn how to get minutes out accurately, efficiently and on time.

Companies I have delivered minute taking training to include:
Tusla, Tabor Group

Media training

In this course we provide attendees with expert advice on preparing for a media interview, whether it is print, TV, radio or online, so they can get their message across in a calm, confident manner. You will learn how the media works and the different approaches you need to take to secure coverage. This course explains how the press release has been replaced with a more modern way to sell in a story. We look at creating news angles, working with journalists, deadlines, image, voice and body language, as well as the importance of practicing and refining your key messages. And we outline the best approach to take if an interview turns hostile. Finally we will look at the world of online media and reputation management.

In this course we will put attendees through their paces with a mock interview, where we will pose a range of questions tailored to each attendee and analyse their answers.

Companies I have delivered media training to include:
OES Consulting, Direct TRS

Commercial Negotiation

In this course you will gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of negotiation, from preparation and opening, to positioning and closing a deal. You will learn the importance of research before a sales meeting and why it gives you an edge, if you know a little about the person you are negotiating with and how building rapport with them can smooth the path to a favourable deal.

Discover the common pitfalls people make when they are negotiating and learn tips and techniques for avoiding them. Practice effective bargaining strategies used by successful executives, learn how to adapt your style during a meeting to help you resolve an impasse and absorb some of the different techniques you can use to successfully close a deal.

Companies I have delivered negotiation training to include:
Shannon Group, Tyndall Institute

Public speaking

In this course, participants will get the chance to improve their public speaking skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

We will look at how you can manage your nerves, develop an engaging opening for your speech and use stories to emphasise and personalise key points.

This is definitely a course for those who want to learn by doing. As a participant you will be called onto stage and taught how to transform an upcoming speech into a memorable winning conversation.

As a result of attending our public speaking training courses you will:

  • Understand your speaking strengths and areas for improvement
  • Learn how the professionals manage their fears of public speaking
  • Have a greater appreciation of voice, body language and eye contact
  • Practice techniques for structuring, building and relating a great story
  • Field questions during a successful Q&A session
  • Discover how to be a much more confident and authentic speaker

Companies whose employees have taken this course include:
Sláinte Healthcare, Tralee Chamber Alliance

High performance leadership

Discover and develop your leadership style with our High-Performance Leadership course. Learn the importance of developing a vision for your team which boosts morale, teamwork and productivity.

  • By the end of this course attendees will be able to:
  • Identify their personal leadership style, including their strengths and limitations;
  • Understand the main leadership theories and how to put them into practice;
  • Delegate effectively to the right people who meet deadlines and do the work well;
  • Appreciate what a good manager should do for his employees and himself;
  • Discover the keys to effective people management

Companies I have delivered high performance leadership training to include:
Toastmasters International, Omnipro

Public relations

This course will teach you the skills you need to improve the management of your PR and marketing.

Topics will include:

  • how to contact the press and get the coverage you want
  • understanding digital media, blogs, podcasts and online PR
  • creating photography that works
  • putting together a winning newsletter or ezine
  • securing sponsorship for your organisation or charity
  • getting the best from exhibitions and conferences

We also cover event management, journalism, political PR, crisis PR and much, much more……! And we will look at your business in more detail and provide advice if you need it, to help promote yourselves more effectively.

Companies whose employees have taken this course include:
Fáilte Ireland, My Destination