Complete your 2019 CPD ‘Management and Professional Development hours’ in Kerry, with like-minded professionals

Minimum 2019 CPD Requirement for Solicitors and the Legal profession:

20 hours, to include 3 hours of management and professional development skills

Get real value from your CPD spend by attending our one-day CPD Management and Professional Development sessions offering high quality, cost effective training directly relevant to you.

Supported with detailed guidance notes, the sessions are illustrated with relevant insights, practical interpretations and real life examples, with ideas, suggestions and advice you will be able to use in your professional life.

Learn from questions from the floor and benefit from networking face-to-face, reconnecting with professional counterparts and establishing new contacts.

Pick the topics of most interest and relevance to you and join us to complete the management and professional development section of your CPD hours.  Get in touch today on 087 79 79 2 79 or by contacting Anthony on anthony.garvey@quinngarveypr.com to secure your place.

When will it run and what is the format for the day?

The CPD Management day will be held on Thursday, April 4th 2019.  The outline for the day is:

Session 1:  Rethinking Productivity:              9.20am – 11.00am

Session 2:  How to Talk so people listen:      11.20am – 1.00 pm

Session 3:  Leading Productive Meetings:     2.00pm – 3.40 pm

Session 4:  High Performance Leadership:    3.50pm – 5.30 pm

Where will the course be held?

Meadowlands Hotel, Tralee

How much is it?

Choose how many sessions you wish to attend to calculate the cost:

€100 for one session (1 hour 40 minutes)

€150 for two sessions (3 hours 20 minutes)

€200 for three session (5 hours)

€250 for all four sessions (6 hours 40 minutes)

Course Support

Lecture materials will be provided by email.

How do I Secure my place?

To book your place, contact Anthony Garvey on 087 79 79 2 79 or email him at anthony.garvey@quinngarveypr.com


Session 1 – Rethinking Productivity


Our Rethinking Productivity session looks at tips to improve your time management and personal effectiveness, by putting more energy into defining great outcomes, eliminating distractions & time wasting and using short and long term goals.


By the end of the session each attendee will be able to:

  • Understand what it means to be productive
  • Take on board tips for improving their personal effectiveness
  • Identify time management tools to boost productivity


  • Productivity, time management & personal effectiveness
  • Time management tools & techniques
  • Assessing your personal effectiveness

Session 2 – How to Talk so People Listen


Our topic on How to Talk so People Listen focuses on grabbing and holding people’s attention, by using compelling, persuasive and powerful language to build rapport and get clients and colleagues on side.


By the end of the session each attendee will be able to:

  • Make a great first impression
  • Speak and present with confidence
  • Empower and influence people
  • Build effective client relationships


  • Key influencing and persuading skills
  • Building rapport with clients
  • Confidence building techniques

Session 3 – Leading Productive Meetings


On our Leading Productive Meetings session, we will cover the principles of running a productive and effective meeting. We’ll explore how to set your meetings up for success before you come together as a group and provide tips and tricks to keep meetings running smoothly and make sure everyone has a chance to participate.












By the end of the session each attendee will be able to:

  • Understand what makes a meeting effective
  • Know when and how to schedule a meeting
  • Facilitate a meeting more effectively


  • The eight principles of successful meetings
  • Frequency and style of meetings
  • Facilitation skills and techniques

Session 4 – High Performance Leadership


Our High Performance Leadership session will allow attendees to be more aware of themselves, how they interact with and manage others and get a broader perspective on their organisation. This session helps legal professionals to advance their leadership skills, set goals and develop a vision for their team, which in turn will boost productivity, teamwork and company morale.


By the end of the session each attendee will be able to:

  • Understand their personal leadership strengths and limitations
  • Identify how to develop and manage relationships with others
  • Appreciate the importance of self management


  • Understanding yourself
  • Sharing your vision
  • Enabling others to act