This Year, Conquer your fear of Presenting & Public Speaking

Would you like to improve your public speaking and presentation skills? Perhaps you'd like to manage your nerves when speaking in front of an audience? Or maybe you'd like to discover how to deliver a memorable presentation or speech?   As three award-winning presenters, we are proud to bring you a course packed full of tips, hints nd advice to help you improve your public speaking and presentation skills.  It contains all the information and advice that we have learned presenting to different audiences all around the world. Whether you are delivering a speech at a wedding, giving a presentation at work, preparing for a sales pitch, presenting the latest financial results or getting ready for an interview, we can teach you the skills necessary to succeed. We will focus on the content of your presentation, your vocal variety and your body language and show you how to inject some humour into your presentation. We'll also introduce you to the latest technology to help improve your presenting skills and we'll have a little bit of fun along the way. We have picked out our favourite top ten public speaking tips  - they are yours absolutely FREE.  Simply fill in your email details and we'll send you the rest. And if you decide to take our course we can offer it to you this month for an AMAZING price. You have absolutely nothing to lose...... except your fear of public speaking    

Here's what you get!

  1. Manage fear and tackle stage fright Even the mostseasoned speakers are nervous before a big presentation. We will teach you some tried and tested tips and techniques to manage your nerves so you can concentrate on delivering your speech or presentation.
  2. Building a winning structure for your presentation We will share with you the techniques necessary to structure your presentation to get you from a blank sheet of paper to a fully blown speech or presentation. In this session we will cover the importance of an effective opening and powerful closing and describe how to build a structure to develop the heart of your speech.
  3. Adding humour to your presentations We will advise you when and how to add appropriate and well-judged humour as a powerful tool to sell your message and deliver your presentation in a more memorable style.
  4. Connecting with your Audience Whether you are presenting to a small group of 20 or a large group of 200, we will walk you through the many tactics you can use in advance to ensure that your presentation achieves the desired response.
  5. Top tips for giving a speech or presentation  We will walk you through everything you need to do to make your speech or presentation successful, with a checklist for preparing in advance, how to deal with unexpected issues that arise and the importance of post-speech and presentation contact.6.Running effective meetings
We will teach you how to plan, participate in and run effective meetings that use time wisely and achieve their objectives. Discover how to build consensus in a meeting even where there appears to be significant disagreement.
  1. Designing powerful and persuasive PowerPoint presentations Giving an effective PowerPoint presentation requires preparation and skill.  Learn in this session how to deliver a knockout business presentation using PowerPoint.
  2. Creating and delivering memorable sales presentations  You will learn in this session how to make memorable sales presentations and how to tailor your approach during a sales process, leaving business or sponsorship pitches with the winning result.
  3. Different groups, different styles You may be delivering an elevator pitch at a networking event, pitching your services during a sales call, or speaking at a small business conference. We will steer you safely through these very different types of presentations.
  4. Thinking on Your Feet In this session we will focus on impromptu speaking or speaking off-the-cuff and explain how to be spot-on with your performance when given a short time or no time at all to prepare.
  1. The Message  We will explain the process of developing key messages for your speech or presentation and suggest how best to structure those ideas to help the audience remember what you said.
  2. Using Developing Technologies in your presentations Learn about the suitability of Prezie, Powtoon, Haiku Deck and more and discover what you need to remember if you are presenting a webinar on Skype or via video conferencing.
  3. Voice: Using it Well One of the keys to making your presentations more memorable is how you deliver your message. You will learn in this session some techniques to improve your performance, some exercises to help improve your vocal projection and we will encourage you to vary your voice, including pausing, to emphasise effectively your key messages.
  “A very enjoyable and beneficial course presented by two experienced speakers.” Louis Collins, Director of Engineering, Astellas Ireland Co., Ltd (Kerry Plant) "I really enjoyed the course and learned so much. The friendly encouraging atmosphere helped when tackling those nerves!" Sinéad Kane, Project Leader, Sláinte Healthcare I’m delighted I did this course. It was incredibly comprehensive. From confidence-building to vocal training tips to presentation structure and effective delivery, this course has it all. Apart from the impressive thoroughness of the content, it was educational, entertaining and often quite inspirational. As such I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. Conor Santry, Life Coach