Speech Writing

‘Help Me With My Wedding Speech!’

You’ve got an important speech to deliver at a wedding or civil partnership.

You’re not good at public speaking, the clock is ticking and you are staring down at a blank sheet of paper.


Or perhaps you have written your speech but it’s a little boring and you wonder if the audience will stay awake till the end.


The good news is….HELP is just an email or a phone call away.

We have helped many nervous grooms, maids of honour, best men and fathers-of-the-bride conquer their fears and deliver a good speech when it really mattered.

And because the power of technology, through Skype and videoconferencing, connects us across the globe, it makes no difference to us whether you live in America or Zaire, in Australia or Zambia, we’ll work together until you can control your nerves and you are happy with the content and delivery of your speech.

For every wedding speech I work on there is a flat fee of €200 and in return I will help you write the speech, manage your nerves, and deliver a speech you are pleased with.

Don’t delay!

The clock is ticking!

The sooner you contact us for help with your speech the sooner we can begin working with you to create something special, to allow you the time to practice and to give you the opportunity to implement our suggestions and techniques.

Email us or call us now so we can help you transform your speech from the mundane to the memorable.

For more information on how we can help you to write your speech, contact:
Anthony Garvey on +353 87 79 79 2 79 or email him on anthony.garvey@quinngarveypr.com