Minute-Taking Course

Good minute taking is all about technique and practice, knowing what to include and what to omit. In this course we’ll cover everything you need to improve your minute-taking skills, from listening for the key points, to filtering out the less important ones, from working closely with the meeting chairperson, to ensuring your grammar, punctuation and vocabulary are up to the required levels.

Learn what you can do in advance and how a pre-prepared template can make a difference to your role. You’ll also discover how to manage if the meeting is highly technical, or how to structure your notes if there is disagreement or conflict, or if you are unsure what someone has said at a key point. Pick up tips from the world’s top companies.  Additionally, you’ll learn how they manage when they encounter obstacles or barriers to effective minute-taking.  Most importantly you’ll discover how to get minutes out accurately, efficiently and on time.

Companies I have delivered this minute taking course to include:
TuslaTabor Group

This course is often delivered in combination with our meeting mastery course.

We deliver our minute-taking courses in full-day or half-day format. We email all slides and notes to the participants following completion of the course. And we will also consult you in advance, to get your input on any requirements you have for the day.

Simply call Anthony on 087 79 79 2 79 to discuss suitable dates or fill in the contact form form on this website by clicking here.