Presentation Skills


Whether you’re preparing a sales pitch, giving a presentation at work or delivering the latest financial results, our presentation skills training course will teach you how to present and persuade with confidence. There are plenty of exercises and opportunities for you to practice to help elevate your presentation abilities to the next level.

Executives who have completed this course have said their confidence has improved when speaking in front of their peers and they are able to deliver more compelling, engaging and effective presentations. After the course you will have the skills necessary to:

  • Open and close a presentation powerfully;
  • Present with confidence and ease;
  • Create stories that people remember;
  • Connect with people intellectually and emotionally;
  • Adapt presentations of any length to any audience size

Companies I have delivered presentation skills training to include: 

Kerry GroupNEWKD

This course is often delivered in combination with our interview skills course.

We deliver our presentation skills courses in full-day or half-day format. We email all slides and notes to the participants following completion of the course. And we will also consult you in advance, to get your input on any requirements you have for the day.

Simply call Anthony on 087 79 79 2 79 to discuss suitable dates or fill in the contact form form on this website by clicking here.