Meeting Mastery

Meeting Mastery and Negotiation Skills Course

Learn How to run High Payback Meetings and Get What you Want!
**New One day Course covers BOTH topics**

Meeting Mastery:
If you can learn to run High Payback Meetings and teach others to do the same, you’ll significantly increase your value to your company.

Our aim is for you to get real value from every meeting, to understand what makes an effective meeting in your particular culture and to stop holding and attending meetings that give little return. It’s about giving you the tools to get the best possible return on your investment of time, energy and focus and help create a culture of ‘high payback meetings’.

We will teach you the 8 principles of meeting mastery and look at best practice from companies around the world. Putting the principles into practice will not only save you and your team time and money spent in unproductive meetings, but it will make each meeting a more rewarding experience.

The workshop is interactive, educational and fun and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

The Art of Negotiation:
Learn about the four different types of people and understand how each group makes decisions differently. Do you know who you are meeting and what type they are and have you adjusted your style accordingly to emerge with the winning result?
Discover the skills you need to create and deliver memorable sales presentations and learn how to adapt your approach during a sales process.
There are negotiation exercises to help everyone put into practice what they have learnt and everyone will get a chance to improve their presentation skills, through practice, practice, practice!

We will come to your company and deliver a one-day session covering both topics for just €600 which includes all slides and training materials. Sessions typically start at 9.30 and finish at 5pm.