Time Management

Time Management Course 

This course looks at modern methods of improving productivity and time management skills, studies best practice in the world’s leading companies and explores tried and tested methods executives use successfully. We will look at time robbers, such as email and discuss how to introduce a better system of email management which works for you.

Learn what to do when you are juggling multiple tasks and the work keeps coming and coming and coming! We will also explore how to manage stress and prioritise. And we will leave you with a personal plan of action which you can take back to the office and begin working on straight away.

Companies I have delivered this training course to include:
Crawford Art GalleryBioMarin

This course is often delivered in combination with our meeting mastery course.

We deliver our time management courses in full-day or half-day format. We email all slides and notes to the participants following completion of the course. And we will also consult you in advance, to get your input on any requirements you have for the day.

Simply call Anthony on 087 79 79 2 79 to discuss suitable dates or fill in the contact form form on this website by clicking here.