School Training

Anthony Garvey presentation at school

Anthony has successfully delivered a public speaking and presentation school training programme to over 50 primary and secondary schools in Ireland.

Primary Schools:

This programme, suitable for children of all ages, helps to build the confidence of pupils who may be nervous at the prospect of speaking or presenting in public. The programme takes 80 minutes and Anthony can deliver up to three separate sessions per day (each with 18-30 pupils).

First Half:

In the first half, pupils get the chance to learn by watching and listening to award-winning speeches.  They will evaluate them, to uncover the successful elements of a winning presentation. Pupils are provided with a range of tips and tactics.  These include voice projection, eye contact, humour and body language, to deliver a successful and persuasive speech or presentation.

School workshop on presentation skills

“Wonderful morning. We had a visit from Anthony, an award-winning speaker and presenter. What an inspirational presentation for the children on how to overcome their fear of public speaking and presenting!” Dolores Johnston, Principal, Douglas National School, Killorglin, County Kerry.

Second Half:

This is designed to help children build confidence in and manage their fears of public speaking and presenting.  Children are encouraged to interact with and ask questions in a safe and positive environment.  They also practice their impromptu speaking through debates, speeches and fun exercises.  And most importantly of all, everyone will get the chance to practice and find their voice.

Transition Year Students:

Anthony can deliver a six-week public speaking and presentation programme designed for transition year students.

Students who are articulate and confident, flourish in secondary school and develop in later life into effective public communicators and team workers. The aim of this programme is to encourage the children to build their confidence, manage their nerves and help them to find their voice.

Anthony can work with up to 30 students, one morning each week to suit you, working around your break times.  Each class lasts 90 minutes and covers a different aspect of public speaking and presenting. Each session follows the same format:

Session Breakdown:

20 Minutes: Each week the children will take part in an impromptu speaking session.  Anthony will ask the pupils a series of topics encouraging as many pupils to contribute as possible. Children will speak for up to one minute on a particular topic and the feedback will always be positive and encouraging. 

20 Minutes:  Each week we will listen to a top class speaker, analyse what they do well and uncover the successful elements of a winning presentation. The speakers will include inspirational, humorous speakers, political leaders and celebrities and I will highlight the importance of preparation and practice to help the children succeed. 

“The pupils were ‘wowed’ by the presentations which set the stage for a discussion on its essential parts. The experience of the presenter was evident and he built a great rapport with the pupils,” Sharon Fitzgerald, Cólaiste Na Sceilge, Caherciveen, County Kerry

20 Minutes:  We will focus on a different element of public speaking and presenting each week, from body language and eye contact, to vocal variety and the power of the pause, from building confidence and managing nerves, to constructing, opening and closing a speech.  

30 Minutes:  The class will take part in a debate, moderated by Anthony, to encourage the children to express themselves.  The debates could for example, be on topics such as the merits of replacing school uniforms with regular clothes, or whether we should consider removing Irish from the curriculum and replacing it with French, Spanish or Chinese. Everyone in the room will be encouraged to speak and to listen.

To book either of these school training programmes for your school or for more information contact:

Anthony Garvey on 087 79 79 2 79 or email him at: